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Which Flowers Should You Get Your Significant Other for Your Anniversary?

Which Flowers Should You Get Your Significant Other for Your Anniversary?

8th Nov 2022

It's no secret that flowers are popular on certain days throughout the year. ComfyLiving claims that Mother's Day and Valentine's Day are popular flower days. Let's add anniversaries to this list! As reflecting and celebrating, anniversaries seem to be the perfect opportunity to tell your significant other how happy you are that they are in your life. When words aren’t enough, anniversary bouquets are a great way to show this appreciation and love.

The anniversary bouquet you choose to give your significant other on this special day tells a lot about your feelings. With this considered, there are a few flowers that are deeply meaningful and beautiful. Pick one of these and you are bound to impress your significant other!

1. A Dozen Red Roses

Red roses have a rich history and tradition attached to them. The significance of red roses creates a beautiful message to your partner. Most commonly, they embody love, passion, and commitment.

A simple dozen red roses may be the perfect anniversary bouquet for you to pick. Sometimes less is truly more! With this considered, there are extras to add to the bouquet if desired. Examples include additional white filler flowers or extra greenery. These add-ons can give the bouquet a more extravagant look and will let the red color pop.

2. A Vase of Peonies

Peonies are the ultimate anniversary bouquet to share your happiness with your significant other. In addition to showing happiness within a relationship, peonies can also communicate the beauty, love, and romance that one feels toward the receiver. Peonies, similar to roses, have significance that is perfect for an anniversary celebration.

Peonies appear delicate and dainty, and this particular flower comes in various lively colors, including pink, white, orange, and yellow. When considering peonies for an anniversary bouquet, pink and white may be best to create a romantic look.

3. A Bundle of Hydrangeas

If you feel overwhelming gratitude towards your significant other, then hydrangeas are the anniversary bouquet for you. Hydrangeas are traditionally gifted when the giver feels immense amounts of admiration. Additionally, they represent the grace and understanding that a couple shares with each other.

In addition to being a beautiful, full flower, hydrangeas come in many colors, including purple, blue, and green. A bundle of these flowers for an anniversary celebration will look extravagant and will have your significant other brimming with affection.

Get in touch with us today or take a look at our wide selection of flowers you can choose from to give your significant other. Make it an even more special day with beautiful flowers.



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