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Which Flowers Should You Buy for Mother's Day?

Which Flowers Should You Buy for Mother's Day?

28th Feb 2023

According to ComfyLiving, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day are the most popular days for flower sales. With this said, you may be exploring flower options to purchase for Mother's Day. With the various options available, it can be tedious to choose a type. To make this decision easy, we've highlighted four Mothers Day flowers to consider. Keep reading to learn more!


With their bright colors and exotic styles, orchids are the perfect flower option for bold and brave mother's in your life. The popular colors of orchids on Mother's Day include pure white, bright pink, and dark purple. This flower type symbolizes thoughtfulness, refinement, and luxury. Plus, orchids are potted flowering plants, meaning they can be a longtime house plant in the months after the holiday.


Roses are traditional flowers that give the sentiment of abundant love and romanticism. If you plan to give flowers to your spouse, roses may be the way to go. Three typical colors of roses are yellow, white, and pink. Yellow roses communicate the care and devotion that you have toward the person. White roses display honesty and pure love. Lastly, pink roses show appreciation and admiration. All in all, these colors embrace the spirit of spring and give the message of gentleness and femininity.


Tulips are a perfect spring option for Mother's Day flowers. Tulips are a popular choice for a gift since they last a long time after purchase. These flowers are colorful and fragrant, with various color options available. These different color options will portray numerous messages to the person. Pink and white tulips communicate cheerfulness and happiness. Purple tulips are also bought often during Mother's Day since they symbolize royalty and respect.


Carnations are known as the official Mother's Day flower. This cut flower creates a beautiful, abundant bouquet that will last weeks after the holiday. The most popular carnation colors for Mother's Day are pink and white. A white carnation symbolizes luck and unconditional love, while a pink carnation is known to symbolize the love of a mother. With these meanings considered, there is no doubt why carnations are a must for many flower buyers on this holiday!

Review this list above and consider which Mother's Day flowers are best for your loved one on this meaningful holiday. After deciding, contact us to purchase the perfect bouquet!



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