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What Are the Most Popular Flower Colors?

What Are the Most Popular Flower Colors?

28th Jun 2023

Flowers are a perfect way to mark a special occasion - or no occasion at all. Sending a loved one flowers shows how much you care. From funeral arrangements to anniversary bouquets and wedding flowers, different colors are used to reflect various meanings and emotions. According to The Produce News, Orchid Flower, a shade slightly lighter than magenta, was a top color in the floral industry in 2022. Different colors can fluctuate in popularity, but there are some core colors that remain ever-popular.


Choosing a color for a celebration can be a fairly straightforward process. You'll want to opt for something bright and cheerful to reflect the mood of the event. Purples, yellows, and oranges remain popular flower colors for birthdays, Mother's Day, and anniversary bouquets.


When sending flowers to a funeral or viewing service, you'll want to opt for more somber and subdued colors. White and off-white colored flowers are often used in casket sprays and other arrangements appropriate for a funeral. Light lavender and yellows can add a bit of cheer while still maintaining respect for the occasion. Deep purples are another choice that's popular. And, if you're aware of the deceased's favorite flower, using them in your arrangement is always a welcome and heartfelt touch. Sending flowers is a wonderful way to share your condolences and sympathy while offering love and support.

Special Occasions

One of the best colors to include in your occasion bouquet or arrangement is the recipient's favorite one! When you don't know which color is preferred, it's best to stick with some common favorites. Wildflowers make excellent arrangements because they uplift the room they're in. Anniversary bouquets are often comprised of red roses, while a bouquet given to a new sweeter may incorporate more playful colors and flower options. Pink, red, purple, yellow, and orange are a few of the most common colors used in bouquets for special occasions. Your local florist is an excellent resource if you're undecided about colors.

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