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How the Right Florist Can Help You Pick the Right Flowers for Someone

How the Right Florist Can Help You Pick the Right Flowers for Someone

28th Feb 2023

According to ComfyLiving, the United State's online floral industry is worth approximately $5 billion. This large amount is due to the everlasting popularity of flowers as a gift! But purchasing the perfect flowers for a loved one can be a challenging task without any knowledge of how to create the perfect arrangement.

Considerations of flower types, colors, additions, and more can sometimes be confusing during the ordering process. Your local florist will understand these struggles and can help based on their expertise and previous knowledge. Below, we've highlighted five factors that the right florist can help you with to ensure you order a beautiful bouquet for your loved one.

Bloom Quality

Florist professionals will be knowledgeable about the quality of the blooms within a bouquet. These individuals will help you choose florals that will last longer in appearance and scent. The quality and preference will change periodically throughout the year with the growing seasons of flowers. This factor is essential to know so that your bouquet will last as long as possible for the receiver.

Mixing and Matching

Your local florist has professional experience mixing and matching flowers to look stunning. An individual with little experience may find it challenging to choose flowers that pair well together. Your florist will know which shapes, colors, and textures combine well to create a gorgeous bouquet for your loved one!

Proper Filler

Flower filler will complete the look of a bouquet. Examples of popular fillers include baby's breath, fiddlehead fern, feverfew daisies, heather, holly, and ivy. It's overwhelming to choose which type would look best with your bouquet because of the many options. The right florist can help with this and give you some great directions about which filler is best for your order.

Extra Additions

A bouquet can include some extra additions, depending on the occasion. You can add a plush animal, chocolates, balloons, and more to the flowers to give some extra flair. Your florist will know which additions are most appropriate for the occasion and can help you choose the one that best matches the flower bouquet.

Understands Personalization

Lastly, it's essential to include personalized touches in your bouquets. These touches will make it clear to the receiver that you are thoughtful and intentional. Examples of personalization include a favorite color or flower. Your florists can help you pick and choose elements to ensure a personalized gift for your loved one.

Contact us, your trusted local florist, today! Remain confident in our professional expertise and advice. We look forward to working with you!



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